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About Us


Riyadh Funeral Services is an independent and non sectarian funeral service provider.


Our team at Riyadh Funeral Services not only have the experience and expertise but a deep understanding of the many difficulties families encounter when arranging a funeral.  Our experience and knowledge is based on over 30 years of providing funeral and bereavement services to the Muslim and wider community.


We are always ready to help and support families when they lose a loved one. We strive for the highest standards in care when providing our services and the utmost sensitivity when dealing with bereaved families.


Our facilities and services are one of the first to be established in Leicester.  Our lead officer has been part of the out of hours funeral services team based at the Muslim Burial Council of Leicestershire (MBCOL) for over 25 years. We have a professional approach to all aspects of our work whilst maintaining a seamless balance between the family's personal preferences, cultural or faith practices. 

We are independent and non-sectarian. Our services and facilities are open to all sections of the Muslim community through their respective Funeral Arrangers. 

Our funeral home is based at the Leicester Islamic Centre, the largest purpose built Mosque and community centre in Leicester. It houses a private custom built, state of the art preparation facility and an onsite mortuary. We also provide prayer, parking and hall facilities for bereaved families.

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