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Bereavement Support


For most of us, bereavement will be the most distressing and painful experience we will ever face.


Grief is what we feel when somebody we are close to dies. Everyone experiences grief differently and there is no 'normal' or 'right' way to grieve. It is process which allows people to come to terms with the loss and resulting change in their lives.


Grief is a very personal and individual experience. Suffering loss through bereavement, can bring about numbness and disbelief.


Different people react in different ways. One may feel or experience anger, guilt, panic and sadness. This may then result in restlessness, especially at night making it difficult to sleep. One might become irritable with others, which can lead to further feelings of despair.


All these are natural reactions to bereavement.


During this time one may need the support of their family members or perhaps even from those that may not be family. One should not be afraid to speak to someone about their feelings, this will help one feel less isolated in their sadness. It is important one allows oneself time to grieve to come to terms with ones loss.


There are many specialist bereavement counselling services available to help and support those that are grieving following the death of a loved one. 

Follow the link below for more detailed information on local and national support groups.

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