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Funeral Procedure​

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Please be aware that the processes for arranging funerals have changed significantly so please contact our on call officer for guidance.  


When you lose a loved one it is important to remain calm. Try to focus on the tasks at hand by following the guidance set out on this page. In order for things to go as smoothly as possible we advise that you appoint one individual who will be responsible for making the necessary funeral arrangements. 


Your first point of contact will be our on call funeral officer. He will be ready to provide every assistance. Inform him of all relevant details regarding the deceased, including information on any complications so that he is able to provide appropriate advice and guidance.

Bringing your loved one into our care

Assuming that there are no obstacles and if the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (MCCD) is in place our officer will make arrangements for your loved one to be collected and brought back to our funeral home for bathing and shrouding.

In case of community deaths where the MCCD has not been issued, however the GP has been contacted and has provided assurance that the he or she will be issuing, the body can be collected and kept in our mortuary. Bathing and shrouding however cannot be carried out until the MCCD has been obtained.

In certain instances a community death will be reported to the Coroner as the GP could not be contacted, but is likely to issue the MCCD as death was expected. In such instances the Coroner may authorise removal of the deceased for safe and secure storage at our mortuary. In these cases the deceased cannot be viewed or bathing shrouding carried out until the Coroner has cleared it or until the MCCD has been obtained.

Register the Death

Registering the death will give you the documents you need to allow for the funeral to take place.

To register the death on the day you expect to have the burial our officer will first need to enquire about available burial slots. He will be able to do this for a burial both in hours or out. Once he has provided you with the availability and you have decided on a burial time he will  make the necessary appointment with the Registrar of Births and Deaths for you to register the death.

Arranging a burial


Once the death has been registered and Burial Order has been issued our officer will make the cemetery arrangements with the Leicester City Council Cemeteries Department or their out of hours provider. They will instruct the staff at Saffron Hill Cemetery to prepare for the burial.

Shroud burial - Burial without a coffin 


Families have a choice of burying their loved one in a standard coffin or if they wish, bury without a coffin.


For burial without a coffin, ready cut timber is available at Saffron Hill Cemetery. When instructed, the cemetery staff will construct the timber chamber inside the grave when it is prepared.


Our officer can provide more detailed information and appropriate advice and guidance on how to bury the deceased without a coffin.

Contacting our Funeral Officer


Officer on call - 07710 458526

When you lose a loved one

When you lose a loved one it is important to stay calm. Focus on the tasks at hand and follow procedure

Contact Riyadh Funeral Services

Contact the Riyadh Funeral Officer as soon as you can. He will assit and guide you through the entire process

Secure the death certificate

Secure the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (MCCD) from the hospital, or the GP if death occurred at home

Register the death

Make an appointment with the Registrar of Births and Deaths to register the death and obtain the Burial Order

Arrange a burial at the cemetery

Contact the Council Cemeteries Department or their out of hours service provider to make cemetery arrangements 

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