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Our Ethos and Social Values


Our Ethos


At Riyadh Funeral Services our ethos is to provide caring, dignified and respectful funerals. 


We strive for the highest standards in care when providing our services and the utmost sensitivity when dealing with bereaved families.


We provide transparency when providing information so that families are able to make informed decisions regarding the funeral for their loved one.


We promote and welcome personal involvement from immediate family members.


We support and work with families on low incomes to seek assistance in meting funeral costs.


We always consider the environment when providing our services.

We have captured our ethos in our expression "Supporting families in their time of need"

Our Social Values


At Riyadh Funeral Services we consider social values to be of great importance and as such it forms part of the fabric of our organisation. 


We have embraced these values giving them due consideration whenever making important decisions. We understand that such decisions will not just impact on us as an organisation but the effects can sometimes be far reaching. 


We contribute to the local infrastructure through our services. We make every effort to create job opportunities by constantly evaluating our scope of work with an aim to develop our potential, which in turn will create better opportunities and increased service provision in the future. 


We contribute to the local communities that we are an intricate part of. They benefit from our services, dedication and personal approach to our work. We actively work with our youth, re introducing them to our core beliefs, customs and social values and we support our elderly through social programmes and advice sessions..  

We are a part of the fabric of our city because we are a community of communities.

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