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Please be aware that the processes for arranging funerals have changed significantly so please contact our on call officer for guidance.

Registering the death will give you the documents you need for the funeral.

Who registers the death?


The person who registers the death is usually a relative of the person who has died. If no relatives are available, then the death can be registered by: 

  • Anyone who was there when the person died.

  • Someone who lives in the place where the person died.

  • The person who's taking responsibility for arranging the funeral.


The person who registers the death will need to visit the Registrar for Births and Death, by making an appointment. If you would like support, our officer can accompany you to the Registrar's Office.

What you have to take with you for your appointment:

  • Medical Certificate of Cause of Death or

  • Coroners interim death certificate


The Registrar will also need one of the following:

  • Passport

  • National Health Service medical card (if you have it)

  • Birth Certificate

  • Marriage Certificate (if they were married)

What information you will need to give to the Registrar


The Registrar will need to know some things about the person who has died:

  • The date and place of their birth.

  • Their full name

  • The date of death, and where it happened

  • Their occupation

  • Their home address

  • If they had a pension or allowance from public funds

  • If they were married, (if they were, the Registrar will need to know their living husband's or wife's date of birth).

What the Registrar will do


The Registrar will issue a Burial Order (green certificate) which will allow the burial to take place. Additional certified copies of the entry of death can be obtained from the Registrar for a small charge (these may be needed for legal or financial purposes).

Registering a death might work a bit differently if the Coroner is looking into the death. If this happens our officer will discuss this with you and give you advice.

Contacting the Registrar 

The City of Leicester Register Office

Town Hall, Town Hall Square


LE1 9BG 


Opening hours:

09.00am. - 4.00pm. Monday to Friday


In hours appointments - 0116 454 1000 

Out of hours appointments - 07801 405219 / 07712 698110

Leicester Register Office - Website

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