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They were brilliant! Everyone involved made a very difficult process so much easier. In particular they were very accommodating and supportive when things were changed last minute. The imam also made a beautiful dua for my late sister which we were very appreciative of.


Mother of the deceased

The room for the ghusl was pleasant and clean. The sister, Raihana, that led the ghusl was one of the most beautiful well mannered and humble sisters I’ve ever met. She offered myself and other sisters to help and when we couldn’t face it she was very understanding. Even though quite a few sisters turned up and filled up the room she was still patient and respectful to everyone especially to my late daughter. She washed and shrouded her with gentleness and respect but so expertly. May Allah subhana wa tala reward her.

We had some sisters coming to pray salat and we wanted to go in the ladies hall Raihana asked if we had booked it and when we didn’t know she just said, no problem darling I’ll get the keys and unlock it for you. And she did. Nobody came and said you can’t do this or go upstairs to the ladies bathroom etc no one made it awkward. We were just helped and then left alone. 

Yes, I have to say that they helped us a lot in our moment of need and difficulty.


Amal Hashi


My family much appreciate the quick funeral service for our father which was carried out within one day of his passing, subhanAllah. 


We are thankful for the accessible and supportive guidance which made a difficult experience easy, Alhamdulillah. 

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